How Much Does to Ship a Enclosed?

Shipping a costly car involves many risks. You have to cover it from dust and pollutants. Cars also need careful handling from professionals during the shipping process. Without professional help, you might get several damages in your cars. One of the safest ways to ship your car is by choosing specialist covered car transport services. These companies operate throughout the year and help in shipping every kind of car.

Enclosed auto transport service is a good option for all the car owners. It keeps your expensive and luxurious cars safe from burglars and environmental conditions. We will discuss further how much an enclosed car transport service costs.

What is the Cost of An Enclosed Auto Transport Service?

Car shipping methods are of 2 types. They include Open-air carriers and enclosed carriers. Now, let us first have a look at both the types of car shipping methods:

1. Open Air Carrier – Open-air carriers are simple and affordable. They do not cover your cars from dust, UV rays, rainwater, pollutants, and winds. Open-air carriers are more affordable than enclosed car transport services.

2. Enclosed Car Carrier – The enclosed car carrier offers protection to your expensive cars from winds, dust, pollutants, and UV rays. However, it is costlier than open-air carriers but you can get your luxurious cars in a safe condition.

The average cost of shipping a car in an open-air carrier is between $1200 and $1300. On the other hand, you will have to pay between $2000 and $2300 to ship your car to an enclosed car carrier.

What are the Reasons for Fluctuation in Car Shipping Costs?

Car shipping costs keep on increasing and decreasing with time. Different companies have different prices according to the time taken, distances covered, and so on. The main reason why the cost fluctuates is the bidding process. Many companies bid on your car. You have to also pass through a long process before shipping a product. Many other reasons determine the cost of shipping a car such as:

  •       Kinds of Vehicles

The cost of shipping a car varies according to the type of vehicle. The open-air carrier is more affordable than enclosed car carriers.

  •       Distance Covered

The second factor that determines the cost of shipping a car is the total distance covered. If the distance is long, the consumption of fuel is more, and it will increase the cost of shipping as well. If you want to deliver your cars to the most popular routes of the city, the cost will be less. On the other hand, the cost will increase if you want to ship your cars to unpopular areas or routes.

  •       Time and Season

The type of season also affects the cost of shipping a car. The cost will go up during the summer season and festivals. The cost will reduce during the winter season because of less demand.

  •       Size of the Cars

The size of the cars is another factor that determines the cost of shipping a car. The cost will increase if you have larger cars. On the other hand, the cost will decrease if you have smaller cars.

In addition to that, the number of cars determines the cost of shipping a car. If you have to deliver more than 1 car, you have to pay more charges.

  •       Insurance

If you buy the car shipping packages along with the insurance option, the price will increase. The insurance option is safe, and you can get reimbursement in case of damages to your cars.

Tips to Lower the Shipping Costs

Some tips help you to reduce the overall car shipping costs such as:

  •       Pick open air carriers for your cars.
  •       Do booking in advance to avoid paying extra charges.
  •       If possible, pick multi-car shipping to get huge discounts.
  •       You can get smart offers and big discounts on the cost of shipping cars during festivals and weekends. 

What Does It Cost to Haul a Car?

Driving a long distance with the family is an enjoyable experience. But it happens several times that the car does not run while going for a family trip, adventure tour, or picnics. You may not get a mechanic or garage to repair your cars. It may also happen that you have to haul your car a long distance. 

There are many reasons why a car stops working on the road. They are as under:

  •       Damage of car glass
  •       Car battery problems
  •       Poor working of the engine

If you want to get rid of these car problems, you can call the car transportation team. It will help you to take your car to your destination and solve car problems as well.

Trustworthy Car Towing Services

You cannot trust anyone when it comes to hauling a car. If your car battery fails anytime or the engine stops to work on the highway, you should hire car towing services. These services are offered by the experienced team.

Car transportation companies will carry your private cars in the huge carriers. These carriers will protect your cars from any damage or environmental hazards. 

Cost of Hauling a Car in the UK

The average cost of hauling a car is about 3 pounds per mile up to 50 miles. However, the rate will increase as the distance increases. Several other factors increase the cost such as the size of the vehicle, urgency, and weight, and delivery time.

Why is it Good to Choose a Car Transportation Company?

Hauling a car is a risky job and it can be done effectively by a skilled team. You need to choose a car transportation company for the following reasons:

Safety of the Vehicles – Car transportation companies will carry your expensive cars in the enclosed car trucks. These trucks are covered from all sides. They protect your cars from dust, pollutants, smoke, and rainwater. Your cars will be delivered in nice condition.

Road Assistance – You can get roadside assistance by choosing car transportation companies. The team of these companies arrives at the spot and fixes any car-related issues. They also ship the vehicles from one city to another.

Delivery of Every Type of Car – Car transport companies deliver every type of car including racing cars, vintage cars, and other cars. They have expertise in handling every kind of car.

Easy Booking Process – You don’t have to follow any complex procedure to book car transportation services. There are simple steps to book these services by entering details like name and contact details.

Best Quotes

You can find the best enclosed car transport services online by visiting the official sites and filling an online form. 

How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Car?

Transporting a car from one city to another city is a nerve-racking task. A car needs to be transported for various reasons. They include the improper working of cars, battery failure, flat tires, broken glass or bonnet, and so on. There is only one way to shift your car from one place to another during these problems. It is hiring enclosed car transport services in London .

Choosing car transport services is the best option if you want to keep your vehicles safe and sound. These services run for all days of the week. They help in shifting different types of cars.

Cost of Car Transportation

The cost of transporting a car differs from one place to another. But the average price remains somewhat similar in all the places. The average cost of transporting a car depends on the distance covered. It is 3 pounds per mile if you have to transport a car up to 50 miles. If the distance exceeds 50 miles, you have to pay 4 or 5 pounds per mile. Let us have a look at the cost of transporting the car to longer distances.

1. Distance of 200 Miles

The cost of taking a car up to 200 miles is about 93 pounds.

2. From 200 to 300 Miles

If the distance is above 200 miles, the cost of transporting the car is about 157 pounds up to 300 miles.

3. More than 300 Miles

The cost of shifting a car to a distance of more than 300 miles is about 236 pounds.

How Can One Reduce the Cost of Car Transportation?

The cost to transport the car to a longer distance can disturb your monthly budget. But there is a chance to bring down the expense in one way. You can ask the company to carry your cars if it is going on the same route where you want to transport your car. The company may decrease the cost up to 50% and more if your car has to be transported on a similar route to that of the company.

You will also get discounts on the cost of transportation of the cars. Ask the company for more offers and discounts on such deals.

Which Factors Affect Car Shipping Costs?

Car owners all over London and the UK ask how much does it cost to tow a car in the UK? The prices depend on several factors. Let us have a glance at some of the factors that affect the cost of car transportation.

Location – This is the main factor that affects the price of car transportation. In a city like London, you have to be ready to pay about 50 pounds for one mile up to 3 miles. The cost will increase if the car has to be transported to a distance above 3 miles. There will be no change in the cost if you want to transport the car within the major points of London. However, the cost will increase if the place is in a remote part of the city.

Type of Weather – The next thing that affects the cost of transporting a car is the season. If it is a chilly winter, you have to pay more for hauling the car from one place to another. The road conditions during winter are the worst and one has to remove ice from the roads. Apart from that, the traffic also increases during this season. On the other hand, the price to haul a car during the summer season is less. There is a huge difference in the prices of car transportation during the summer and winter seasons.

Type of Carriers – There are 2 types of carriers provided by auto transportation companies. They include open trailers and enclosed carriers. If you have a low budget, pick open carriers. They will carry your cars but there is no guarantee of clean cars. Open carriers increase risks such as road dust, allergens, and pollutants. They will make your car’s body and glass dirty and unattractive.

Many people ask how much does it cost to ship a car enclosed? If budget is not an issue, pick the enclosed carrier. It is a safer option than enclosed car carriers. Enclosed carriers are safe for all expensive and racing cars. They are closed from all sides and protect your costly vehicles from dust, road debris, pollutants, and allergens. Apart from that, the enclosed carriers also save your cars from damages or theft. According to the experts, the option of enclosed carriers is a better one.

Time – No one would like to wait for long to get their costly cars. Customers will ask the car transportation companies about the time of car delivery. If you want the car on an urgent basis, you will have to pay more prices. The fast car shipping option needs a lot of planning and work. It is an expensive option and you will get your cars within a few hours in a safe condition.

Size and Weight of the Cars – The next factor that determines the cost of hauling a car is the size and weight. Big cars will have a higher cost than small cars because of the size. Besides, big cars also have more weight than small cars and consume more space in the enclosed vehicles. Moreover, the larger cars consume more fuel and increase the cost of transportation.

Modification in the Cars – Some modified cars need careful handling while transporting them from one place to another. They need special vehicles for lifting and lowering tasks. These special vehicles increase the cost of transportation.


The cost of transporting the car keeps on changing. To get a detailed idea, you can hire van recovery in London in your city. Professionals will help you to get discounts on the total car transportation costs. You will get your luxurious cars in a safe condition within a limited time.