No, we do not provide free service for car breakdown if you do not have a cover. In this case, our team will arrive at the spot and charge the service chosen by the customers. You may also have to pay fees for emergency calls.
Car breakdown cover is not mandatory but it certainly gives you many benefits. Your car can break down anywhere during family trips and tours. It is not possible to get immediate help during these situations. Taking our car breakdown cover will help you during critical times. You can call our team anytime and get your car repaired on the road instantly. If your car or bike has a major problem, we will transport it to the nearest mechanic shop or a local garage.
We have 2 kinds of breakdown cover for vehicles. They are personal or vehicle breakdown cover. Another is traditional or insurance breakdown cover. Under personal vehicle cover, you will get help if your car breaks down. We also provide help in case you are a driver and riding somebody’s car. The second type of breakdown cover is a traditional cover for vehicles. Under this policy, you have to pay monthly or yearly charges as per your comfort. We will provide help in case of any damage to your vehicle.
Our car recovery services include vehicle breakdown cover in different ways. You can either take a monthly package or an annual package as per your comfort and budget. We provide discounts and rebates in case of annual packages. You can check our site regularly to get the latest updates on cover packages.
It is very simple to renew your vehicle breakdown cover online. All you have to do is to call on our toll-free numbers and talk with our representatives. Our representatives will renew the policy within a few minutes. You can also renew your policy online by taking the necessary steps.
Special equipment can be needed anytime to remove cars from snow, water, or mud. We do not charge additional fees to bring our equipment. Our team will help in removing your cars from floods, water, or snow.
Yes, we will arrive at your spot and fill fuel in your car or van, or bike. You may have to pay extra charges for the fuel. Apart from that, we will also carry your vehicles to the nearest petrol pump.
Car accidents can be mild to dangerous. They can damage your car’s glass, headlight, or even the whole body. Our team will arrive at the accident spot and check your car’s conditions. You can get help under accident recovery services to some extent. The services will differ from basic to advanced vehicle recovery packages.
No, we offer different types of breakdown policies for different types of cars. If you have luxury cars, racing or sports cars, you will have to choose another package. Under the luxury car breakdown cover policy, we will replace the parts of your luxury or vintage cars and also repair them.
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