How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car Enclosed?

Cars can be transported in several ways. Under some situations, the car owners have to choose an enclosed car transportation option. It is the costliest way to transport a car from one place to another. The cost of covered car transport differs from location to location and company to company.

Many other factors determine the cost of enclosed car transport such as distance, type of car, size, and so on. It can change according to the distance and size of the cars.

The Average Price of Enclosed Car Transport

Most of the transport companies charge about $1 for one mile in case of enclosed car transportation. It can increase according to the distance and miles. Various factors are considered while determining the price of enclosed car transport services.

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  • Location of Your Home

The cost of car transportation service increases if your home is located in the remote areas of the city. In this case, you can choose the most appropriate place near to your home. This option will reduce the total cost of enclosed car transport.

  • Type of Weather

Another factor that is included in counting the cost of enclosed car transportation is the weather. If you have to move your car during the winter season, the cost will increase. It is because the snowy areas will make transportation more difficult. Transporting cars in the enclosed facility during clear weather reduces cost.

  • Amount of Traffic

The cost of enclosed car transport also depends on the traffic in the area. If the area has huge traffic, you need to pay more charges for enclosed car transport. On the other hand, the cost reduces if the area has low traffic.

  • Height of the Area

If your home is located in the mountains, the cost of enclosed car transportation increases. Shipping the car in these areas needs a lot of hard work. Apart from that, there are also safety measures to be taken while transporting the cars in areas with high elevation. Steep roads need slow driving and they will also increase the cost.

What are the Benefits of Choosing an Enclosed Car Transportation Option?

Open and enclosed car transport are two main types of car transportation. Choosing enclosed car transportation is a better option than open car transport. There are many benefits of enclosed car transport such as:

  • Safety of the Vehicles – Enclosed car transport carriers safely keep your luxurious cars. They do not damage window glass, engine, or headlight of the cars. Your cars will also get protection from dust, UV rays, and snow.


  • Extra Layers for Security – There is no guarantee that you get your car in a nice condition in open car transport carriers. Contrary to that, the enclosed car carriers have extra outer layers. These layers give extra safety to your racing and luxurious cars and protect them from damages.


  • Extra Services – Towing car services offer many other services such as changing of car’s tires, battery, mirrors, and other parts. They also provide lockout service if you get locked in your own car. These professionals will carry your cars to the nearest petrol stations to get fuel.


  • Fast Delivery of Cars – If you want a speedy delivery of your cars, choose the enclosed car transport option. These carriers have smooth wheels and run on all types of roads. You will get your cars much earlier than what you receive in open car transport carriers.


  • Less Movement of Cars – Your cars move more in open carriers than enclosed car transportation facilities. More movements of the car increase the risk of damages to the cars. On the other hand, the enclosed car transport carriers make less movement of the cars. Your vehicles will remain in a fixed position in enclosed car transport carriers and increase their safety.