How Much Does It Cost to Tow a Car in the UK?

Car transport companies charge towing services depending on different factors. The cost of towing a car varies from time to time. Many car transport companies charge 3 pounds per mile to tow a car.

This is the standard cost of up to 50 miles. But the cost increases if the distance increases above 50 miles. Many car owners ask how much it costs to tow a car in the UK. This blog highlights the cost of towing a car and the factors that affect the cost.

Which Factors Affect the Cost of Towing a Car?

You will have to call a towing service in many situations. Towing a car might be due to a flat tire or battery failure. Many factors affect the cost of towing a car such as:

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  • Distance

This is the first factor to consider while calculating the cost of towing a car. The distance between the place of the incident and your destination is taken into account while calculating the cost of towing a car. The longer the distance, the more will be the cost of towing a car. You can ask the different car transport companies and get the best quotes for towing a car.

  • Size of the Cars

The cost of towing differs from car to car. Towing a sedan or small car has the average cost because of the small size. If your vehicles are large and huge, you will have to pay an extra 5 to 6 pounds to tow those vehicles. The cost of towing vehicles depends on the size of the vehicles. Generally, the cost increases in the case of towing a racing car or luxury car.

  • Place of the Accident or Incident

Your car might stop working anywhere in the middle of the highway or road. The cost of towing a car will depend on the place of the incident. Car transport company will ask the location where your car stopped. If the location is in a remote village or town, the cost of towing a car will increase. Recovering a car on the highway is a tough job. Professionals will charge more fees to recover a car on the highway or to remove it from a ditch.

  • Time of Towing a Car

This is another important consideration while towing a car. If the car has to be towed during the nighttime, the cost of towing a car increases. It can also increase if you call the car towing service during weekends or public holidays. You might have to pay extra charges for calling a towing service on special days.

  • Type of Towing Vehicle

There are different types of tow trucks. They also come in different sizes and shapes. If you have a low budget, choose a simple towing vehicle. You can also choose flatbed towing vehicles to tow your stranded vehicles or cars. If you want a safe towing service, choose towing trucks. They are closed from all the sides and protect your cars from dust, water and pollutants. You will have to pay more charges for towing trucks.

What are the Main Benefits of Calling a Towing Service?

A car is a machine and it can stop anywhere and anytime. There will be various problems in the car while going to a picnic or a long drive. In these situations, you will be confused about moving your car. Calling a car recovery service will help you a lot during these tough situations. There are many benefits of calling a towing service such as:

  • Get Instant Help – Towing service helps the customers anytime to get their vehicles back. Whenever your car faces a battery failure or flat tire, you can call towing services. Professionals will arrive soon and carry your vehicles to the right destination. You do not have to wait for a long time to move your car to a safe destination. Towing service team works throughout the day and night.


  • Insurance – Car transport companies offer insurance to car owners. The company will pay money in case your car is damaged during transportation or towing service. You will not have to spend extra money to tow your car.


  • Extra Services – Towing car services offer many other services such as changing of car’s tires, battery, mirrors, and other parts. They also provide lockout service if you get locked in your own car. These professionals will carry your cars to the nearest petrol stations to get fuel.


  • Emergency Service – Car towing services operate on all days of the week. They will arrive at your spot in case of emergency and tow your cars in the towing trucks. These services are applicable to all kinds of vehicles.


  • Timely Delivery of Cars – Towing services carry your damaged cars within a few minutes. They will repair the cars or replace the parts and deliver your vehicles at the right time. Professionals will give your cars in good condition.


  • Licensed Services – Towing companies have a license to tow a car or vehicle. They also have smart and well-trained professionals to tow different vehicles from one place to another. These professionals will handle your costly vehicles with care. They will also transport your vehicles efficiently.


  • Storage Facilities – Car towing companies have storage facilities to store your damaged and broken cars. It happens several times that your cars get damaged in major road accidents. In these cases, the towing companies will store your vehicles in the storage facilities. These storages come with CCTV cameras and alarm systems to protect your luxury cars.


  • Reasonable Rates – Towing a car is a cost-effective option. The most common question that every car owner has in the minds is how much to tow a car. Car transport companies charge nominal fees to tow your car from the place of incident to the final destination.

To get the best quotes for towing service, you must fill the online form. Compare the prices of various companies and select the reliable towing service for your cars.