How Much Does to Ship a Enclosed?

Shipping a costly car involves many risks. You have to cover it from dust and pollutants. Cars also need careful handling from professionals during the shipping process. Without professional help, you might get several damages in your cars. One of the safest ways to ship your car is by choosing specialist covered car transport services. These companies operate throughout the year and help in shipping every kind of car.

Enclosed auto transport service is a good option for all the car owners. It keeps your expensive and luxurious cars safe from burglars and environmental conditions. We will discuss further how much an enclosed car transport service costs.

What is the Cost of An Enclosed Auto Transport Service?

Car shipping methods are of 2 types. They include Open-air carriers and enclosed carriers. Now, let us first have a look at both the types of car shipping methods:

1. Open Air Carrier – Open-air carriers are simple and affordable. They do not cover your cars from dust, UV rays, rainwater, pollutants, and winds. Open-air carriers are more affordable than enclosed car transport services.

2. Enclosed Car Carrier – The enclosed car carrier offers protection to your expensive cars from winds, dust, pollutants, and UV rays. However, it is costlier than open-air carriers but you can get your luxurious cars in a safe condition.

The average cost of shipping a car in an open-air carrier is between $1200 and $1300. On the other hand, you will have to pay between $2000 and $2300 to ship your car to an enclosed car carrier.

What are the Reasons for Fluctuation in Car Shipping Costs?

Car shipping costs keep on increasing and decreasing with time. Different companies have different prices according to the time taken, distances covered, and so on. The main reason why the cost fluctuates is the bidding process. Many companies bid on your car. You have to also pass through a long process before shipping a product. Many other reasons determine the cost of shipping a car such as:

  •       Kinds of Vehicles

The cost of shipping a car varies according to the type of vehicle. The open-air carrier is more affordable than enclosed car carriers.

  •       Distance Covered

The second factor that determines the cost of shipping a car is the total distance covered. If the distance is long, the consumption of fuel is more, and it will increase the cost of shipping as well. If you want to deliver your cars to the most popular routes of the city, the cost will be less. On the other hand, the cost will increase if you want to ship your cars to unpopular areas or routes.

  •       Time and Season

The type of season also affects the cost of shipping a car. The cost will go up during the summer season and festivals. The cost will reduce during the winter season because of less demand.

  •       Size of the Cars

The size of the cars is another factor that determines the cost of shipping a car. The cost will increase if you have larger cars. On the other hand, the cost will decrease if you have smaller cars.

In addition to that, the number of cars determines the cost of shipping a car. If you have to deliver more than 1 car, you have to pay more charges.

  •       Insurance

If you buy the car shipping packages along with the insurance option, the price will increase. The insurance option is safe, and you can get reimbursement in case of damages to your cars.

Tips to Lower the Shipping Costs

Some tips help you to reduce the overall car shipping costs such as:

  •       Pick open air carriers for your cars.
  •       Do booking in advance to avoid paying extra charges.
  •       If possible, pick multi-car shipping to get huge discounts.
  •       You can get smart offers and big discounts on the cost of shipping cars during festivals and weekends.